Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mobile Learning Shootout at Training 09 Expo Learning Trends Lab

Last week in Atlanta vendors competed in a Mobile Learning Tools Shootout

In January we tasked the vendors with taking a mobile demonstration site,, to the next level. I had created this initial site last year to demonstrate a quick and easy mobile performance support site.

The guidelines were:
  • We don’t want to tell you exactly how to structure your materials. Please feel free to create it anyway you’d like utilizing the features of your tool. Basically, do whatever you feel meets the Objective listed below.
  • Please track your time to develop, as you will be asked this. Total time should be limited to 40 hours and will be part of the criteria used to judge.
  • Due to lack of time at the event, all development is to be completed prior to the Shootout. Because you are building the materials in advance, please feel free to make it as robust as possible with media, interactivity, etc.
Objective: Upon accessing this material the user will be able to quickly recall the procedures and issues related to their crisis.

The participating vendors were Humentum, emantras and OnPoint Digital.

Congratulations to OnPoint Digital CellCast Solution who won in all four categories: Authoring - Ease of Use; Platforms Supported; Development Time; and Overall Improvement to the Basic Content. The solution provided showcased multiple capabilities available on multiple platforms and was created in under 7 hours.

See some screen shots to the right.

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