Wednesday, June 16, 2010

mLearnCon Mobile Learning Content

This has already been a full week at mLearnCon in San Diego and we still have one more day to go.

The keynotes (by Tomi Ahonen and Mimi Ito) were great and I learned something from each session concurrent I attended. For a first year conference, it was awesome and the eLearningGuild has started a hard act for themselves to follow.

On Monday Dr. Rovy Brannon, Jason Haag, Chris Raasch and I conducted a full-day workshop “Creating a Successful mLearning Strategy: From Planning to Implementation”. We had a great group with lots of good questions.

In preparation for the workshop, Jason and I had been working on a mobile application with content all about mobile learning. We had gathered resources that we had been using in workshops and presentations for ADL and decided to make it available on various mobile devices. The content is still being developed and decisions are being made. We see this as a work in process and plan to make the final content available using various authoring tools for mobile.

We had planned to work on and discuss the possibilities with the content during the workshop, but did not have the available time. We did give the participants URLs for their feedback. They were tweeted, so word spread quite quickly. Some thought this was intended to be a course--which it is not--but could definitely serve as resources or check lists for a course on mobile learning.

To begin, we have two versions. The first was built using plain HTML and appears to run on all mobile devices with browsers. You can access it at The second was built using iWebkit and CSS and appears to run well on the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, several Nokia devices and Windows Mobile. It is available at Both have the same content. Going forward we plan to provide enhanced version using commercial mobile authoring tools.

In any case, we are now looking for your feedback. What would you like to see included? What doesn’t work for mobile? Please let us hear from you at Once it has reached a more finished state, we plan to make these and all other versions available on the ADL website.