Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Hot List: Mobile Learning Content Community

Tony Karrer, who created the technology for our content community at http://cc.mlearnopedia.com, has been working on some other exciting features for us. I am really excited to share our first "Hot List" from February 1-14.

Top Items:

  1. Phonecasting: Easy Podcasting Creation and Delivery for Students
  2. the mobile project update 1: html + mp4 + mobile moodle
  3. Mobile Learning Tools
  4. More great tips for Educators starting with Twitter
  5. Dane Grams of HRC on their Mobile Successes
  6. Capture BlackBerry Screens « Learn-Learn-Learn
  7. Video on Mobile Learning « Kerning2.0
  8. PERFORMER Support: Learning @ the Moment of Need: M-Learning vs. M-Support
  9. mobile learning on a PSP | The Real Projects blog
  10. When a Mobile Device Becomes a Digital Lifeline
  11. Downes, serialized RSS feeds and micro learning
  12. Practicing what your preach..


Notes on the weekly hot list.

  • The posts come from the primary sources for this group. Other items come from manually added items from blogs which cover mobile only on occasion.
  • Keywords are based on occurrences this week in addition to other social signals.
Tony is not always sure he can explain why certain things are going to be in the hot list for the week. The social signals seem obvious in some cases, but not always clear to him in other cases. Still we would claim that most of those posts are pretty good ones - certainly I'm happy seeing that list. Similarly, it's interesting to see what keywords are getting to the top each week. Thanks Tony!

What do you think?

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