Friday, February 20, 2009

Call for Action

I have always enjoyed visiting the Boston area, but now I really wished that I lived closer and could attend the new MAS.968: Call4Action studio seminar at MIT. Wouldn't it be great if they were to offer it online? So many very exciting mobile initiatives are occurring worldwide that are changing lives every day, but unfortunately we don't hear about most of them.

The class meets weekly over the semester with the goal "to expose participants to a variety of models for mobile and participatory systems."
By the end of the class, we hope to collaboratively create new sociotechnical repertoires for social change and technical activism. In order to foster this creation, we aim to provide participants with overviews of the conceptual, technical, and historical space for mobile technologies in social change.

We will provide an overview of contemporary mobile and participatory technology and techniques, and cross-fertilize that with theory and best practices around social movements.
Visit the course description here for a long list of recommended readings.

Thanks to for the heads-up.

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