Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mobile Learning Jam Reflections

Last week in San Jose I was pleased to participate at DevLearn in the Mobile Learning Jam. Thanks to Jay Cross for taking this picture and posting it on Flickr.

For two days plus there were 15 sessions -- in addition to 9 regular conference sessions -- all about mobile learning. At times the noise and commotion in the hall area made it difficult to hear and the afternoon sun caused some attendees to get out their sunglasses inside, but there was considerable interest. The questions and comments from the attendees was awesome. All in all it was very tiring, but lots of fun!

I was involved in 7 sessions plus 3 breakfast byte discussions. One of the sponsors, OnPoint Digital created a mobile app for the Mobile Learning Jam materials. If you have a mobile device and want to take a look at the app and all the presentations on your mobile, go to http://mlj.mlearning.com and self-register. You will receive an email with instructions specific to your device.

Several attendees also requested that the slides be posted online so that they can share them with their co-workers, so I have posted PDFs of the following sessions:
There is also a document with lots of resources available here.

Thanks to The eLearning Guild for their support, the sponsors Intuition and OnPoint Digital, the other presenters and to the attendees. You were all great!

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  1. Thanks for having me present Judy!
    What a fantastic environment for collaboration and sowing the seeds of innovation.