Monday, November 16, 2009

Learning 2009 Audience Response

Last week at Elliott Masie's Learning 2009 in Orlando, Elliott asked the group of about 1300 learning professions to respond to a question on their audience response pads. The question involved over hyped learning categories:

I was very pleased that mobile learning was in a class with performance support and user generated content. Learning professionals are beginning to understand the importance of mobile access to learning and support at the time and place of need.


  1. I'm surprised that Social "Networking" (Learning) is perceived as being so overrated. I wonder if this is a function of audience resistance to informal learning mediums, mis-perception on what Social Learning is, or it truly is overrated.

  2. The response was a surprise to me as well. We had been using a number of social networking apps and even had Pistachio talking about Twitter. There also were back channel tweets showing from the stage during many sessions.

    The two mobile learning sessions I presented (with Tom King) were very well attended with very engaged attendees. I was very pleased about that.

    If anyone else who attended this conference has any ideas why these were the results of the poll, please chime in.

  3. Audience response system is an interactive technology which allow large group of people to interact directly. It actually creates an interaction between the show presenter and the audience. These are actually wireless hardware with presentation software and the audience can use their voting or web polls to give answers. These systems allow audience to actively participate in these reality shows.