Thursday, May 14, 2009

Types of Mobile Learning

Most conversations about mobile learning I have had recently seem to start with the assumptions that mobile learning is e-learning on small screens. Although it can be that, it is so much more!

Mobile learning can occur in the classroom, during an online course or anywhere the learner has their mobile device. He/she does not even have to be mobile. It is not about the device, but about the connectivity, capabilities and experience. Access through mobile devices should be a choice and a part of the total learning environment.

I believe that we are at the beginning of discovering all the possibilities and benefits and have started a list of opportunities today. What did I miss? Please add your comments.


  1. Hi Judy, this post is great and reinforces exactly what i am going to talk about in presentation at the CSTD symposium next week. I love the use of livescribe too. Thanks for this!


  2. Thanks, Mary.

    I had several different terms for each, but ran out of space. I plan to use it also next week to see what others have tried or thought about. Please let us all know if you come up with other examples.

  3. Hi Judy - I'd like to redefine mlearning not as the devices themselves but as the mindset we as educators need to have to take advantage of all they can offer wether its for helping us, helping learning, in class, on campus, or everywhere.

  4. This is great stuff. I really enjoyed your presentation at WCSA about a month ago. The district I teach in seems to be receptive to incorporating devices and allowing students to take them back into the community for use. Thanks for opening me to the uses of mobile learning-

  5. I like your presentation because it holds many points that are useful for me for my assignment completion thanks a lot...