Thursday, May 7, 2009

Military Mobile Learning

For the past couple years I have been aware of Vcom3D and the mobile learning work they have done for the military. Recently Newsweek featured their solution in an article Apple's New Weapon. I had seen demos as well, but had not done a thorough review.

In talking with Vcom3D a couple weeks ago, the CEO offered to send me a loaner iPod Touch unit with their learning modules to review.

It arrived this week and I expected to just unpack an iPod Touch. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found a miniature backpack or MOLLE.

It was quite heavy. I proceeded to unpack it and found a complete, very well-thought-out system with various fasteners and arm bands, speakers, and clips. It appears that some may even ship with solar chargers.

Today these units are used in operation in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan by the Army, Air Force and US Military Observer Group. Modules are available for language and culture training in several languages and dialects, medical training and quick reference, plus equipment operation. Readily available when and where needed.

It is so evident that they considered the entire solution when deploying this important mobile learning. Great job Vcom3D.

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