Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mobile Learning Related News

A lot has been happening lately in the mobile learning arena. Some of the more important items are:
  1. Encourage "anywhere, anytime" learning
  2. Reach underserved children
  3. Improve 21st-century social interactions
  4. Fit with learning environments
  5. Enable a personalized learning experience
  • Ambient Insight released their latest mobile learning report indicating that the US Mobile Learning Market is growing by 21.7 percent. Check out the press release here and the Executive Summary here.
  • The International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) has just published its latest issue at The Table of Contents includes:
  • Adaptive Approaches to Mobile Learning
  • Mobile Learning in Context — Context-aware Hypermedia in the Wild
  • Extending LIP to provide an adaptive mobile learning
  • Client Mobile Software Design Principles for Mobile Learning Systems
  • Investigating Mobile Devices Integration in Higher Education in Cyprus: Faculty Perspectives
  • M-Learning, Mobile Experimentation and Telepresence with Cell Phones and PDAs
  • A Time Series Modeling and Prediction of Wireless Network Traffic
  • A Learning-by-Doing Approach to Medication Management for Adolescent Diabetics
  • Survey on Context-Aware Pervasive Learning Environments
  • Integrating Gender and Ethnicity in Mobile Courses Ante-Design: a TELearning Instrument
  • Rovy Branon from the Academic ADL Co-Lab has rolled out a social network site for mobilemedialearning for research and practice in teaching with mobile media. Check it out at

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