Monday, September 5, 2011

Future Mobile Learning

Last week in a workshop on mobile learning I was looking for something interesting in that difficult time right after lunch. So I decided to talk about where mobile is going and thus additional opportunities for mobile learning. There was quite a bit of interest, so I uploaded it to SlideShare and in less than a week have had over 2,000 views and some great comments, but no additional suggestions.

What did I miss? Please add other projects in the comments.

You may also be interested in a presentation on changing technology in education which I gave in July 1996 in which I also talked about mobile.
Changing Technology from 1996
View more presentations from Judy Brown


  1. Wow. Love that great flashback presentation, Judy! Amazing how right you were on so many trends. :)

  2. Thanks, Robert. Richard Culatta showed a slide in a workshop last week about what would happen to a lesson if the teacher did not have the chalk and it reminded me of this presentation. It was fun revisiting it. Glad you liked it.

  3. Judy, watching your presentation was kind of overwhelming. There were so many issues back then that are still in the mainstream today... It seems like our pace in restructuring educational practices is so slow that we will never get ahead with the challenge of reaching the requirements of our students’ and the changing world we are in.

  4. Judy Brown ,There were so many issues back then that are still in the mainstream today...It seems like our pace in restructuring educational practices.Excellent Post.Amazing how right you were on so many trends.I have to agree with most points you say and you reveal a lot of useful information.Thank you.

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  7. Thanks for the wonderful presentation of changing technology and Future Mobile Learning. e-learning is optimizing time and reducing the costs associated with traditional learning methods. Now we can say m-learning application has restructured educational practices.

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