Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Google Wave and Mobile Learning

I have been experimenting with Google Wave and so far am pleased with what I see. I am not certain how much this will be used for mobile learning, but was pleasantly surprised that it works on the iPhone (although there is a warning that that browser is not supported.) It can tend to be a little slow, but usable.

Here are a couple screen shots from my iPhone.

If you have a Google Wave account, please join me on a new public Wave I created to discuss mobile learning. You should be able to find it by title "Mobile Learning" or creator Judy Brown or judycb. I have not yet figured that out. ;-) UPDATED: I just added some tags and you should be able to find it by entering "tag:mobile learning" (without the quotes) into the search box and choosing Mobile Learning Public Wave. Hope to see you there.

Update 10/15/09: I have received emails that none of the comments work to locate this Wave. I just received assistance (thanks taylorkirk) and found that the following does work.


  1. I tried entering tag:mobile learning into the search box and nothing came up. Am I missing something?

  2. Thanks, Josh, but for now I am trying to figure out Google Wave.

    Matt (and any others looking), there does not seen to be an easy way to locate public Waves as there are so many. The tag search works for me, but perhaps that is because I already have access. Please try "title:Mobile Learning Public Wave" in your search window (without the quotes.) If that doesn't work, you can try "with:judycb@googlewave.com"

    If all else fails, please send your wave contact info and I will add you through my contacts. Hopefully Google will make this much easier soon.

  3. Unfortunately I'm unable to find your public wave. I've put quite a bit of time into it and tried your tips above. When I stumble across it, I'll be sure to add my thoughts. I've been using Wave with a few other teachers, but we've got a ton to learn yet...